Deep Dish Pizza

Deep Dish Pizza This deep dish pizza is inspired by Little Star Pizza in San Francisco, CA. It is cornmeal deep dish crust, and it is AMAZING. So, we start by using the crust recipe in this link: (thank you, Jenna @ When I make this pizza we use mozzarella, spinach, feta, onions, garlic, pizza sauce and mushrooms. We sometimes use peppers, and pepperoni (usually on half as I do not eat meat). Here are the changes from the recipe attached to what i do: *Before you put the crust into the pan sprinkle the cornmeal around the pan so that it is on the outside of the crust as well *press the mozzarella into the crust bottom, and up into the sides of the deep dish. trust me, it is part of the secret. *cook down the spinach and the onions before putting them on the pie, and make sure you get ALL the liquid out before you put it into the crust *this may sound funny but before you put this pie in the oven push/squish down all the toppings into the crust. It just makes it better, so do it. *the recipe says to let it sit 15 minutes after you take it out of the oven. the pizza will smell very good … don’t be tempted to eat it right away, let it sit – it needs to. enjoy 🙂


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