Crock Pot Chili – or something like that

My step siblings (step fathers kids), mother, brother, sister, and I have an ongoing argument about chili.  Half of us say no beans (this half also won a chili cook off in 2012 … so they think they know about all things chili), the other half say beans are ok.  The no beans people are VERY adamant about no beans.  If you are a no beans person stop reading here.

This is a crock pot creation … so it probably shouldn’t be here in this blog for cooking.  I was back and forth for a while on it, and decided that some of my friends that rarely cook (ahem … NYC I’m looking at you) might like to try this one out.

So, for this one all you need is everything pictured below dumped into a crock pot for 8 – 10 hours on low.  Feel free to add any other items you would like (more veggies etc), this is just what I happened to have in my apartment.

Pre crock pot

My friend Chels says she just picks (3) kinds of beans to add.  On my last batch I did black, pinto, and garbanzo.  This round I am trying a white bean.


I wanted to give a close up on this one.  I am a vegetarian – so I don’t use real meat in my chili.  Last round I had meat eaters taste my final creation, and they said they could not tell the difference.  This is my first time using the chorizo style Tofurky in the chili.  I used it for some fajitas a few weeks back and it was delicious (spicy! careful!) so I hope it works out well here.


all in

I also put some cayenne pepper in it – but not too much because i was not sure how spicy the Tofurky would make it.

Now this deliciousness will cook overnight, and in the morning I can dish it out into my tupperware.  This makes chili for DAYS – so make sure you are: in the mood, have someone to share with, or freeze some.

I’ll update tomorrow after the taste test!


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