Veggie Pasta with … more veggies!

This one is super simple (might seem like a no brainer), but – I really liked it, so I thought I would add 🙂

This is my first time using (what I think is new) Barilla Veggie infused pasta:

we had the carrot and squash farfalle (bow ties are my fav!)

pasta should be cooked to your linking – i started the water before i started the prep work because I made a large batch. (Note – this can be made with rice pasta, or sans pasta – just use more zucchini (green and yellow) and make the pasta out of that).

veggies to prep:
portobello mushrooms
white onion
zucchini (I used 2)
pepper (I used yellow)
tofurky sausage (this one, again, has been tested and liked by meat eaters)

photo 1(5)

So, again – start the water and then move on to your washed unwrapped veggies and Tofurky (I used 2 of the sausages – could have used more for sure).  when you cut the veggies they should all be about the same size so that they can cook at the same speed:

photo 2(5)

Now, I used one large pan, and one smaller one … but I really wish I had 2 large ones – you’ll see in the photo below that one of them had soooooo many veggies in it they were about to jump ship!  I know that pasta isn’t great for you, so when I make it I try to have equal or more veggies than pasta in the dish (I try …. ).  Anyway – overstuffed pans here with veggies in olive oil:

photo 4

So – when the water boils the pasta goes in the pot – the timer in the picture says 7 min, so I think I could have timed that a tiny bit better, but everything still worked out.  I ended up heating the sauce (Trader Joes tomato garlic pictured above) in the same pan as the onion spinach garlic:

photo 1(4)

Once the pasta is done you can drain and return pack to the large pot that it was cooked in.  When the veggies are done, and the sauce is hot throw everything in the big pot:

photo 2(6)

Serve with grated cheese if you would like 🙂

Enjoy, my friends 🙂


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