Breakfast: The most important meal of the day (just got easier…)

I can’t believe that it took me so long to try this – I HAVE BEEN MISSING OUT FOR SO LONG!

Home made frozen breakfast burritos – for days!  I experimented with this last night and I could not be happier.  I ended up with (6) total, but the last one was a little heavy on the veggies, I could have used one more egg I think.

Here is what I used:

2 Tofurkey Fake Sausages
1.5 Bell peppers
1/2 bag of white mushrooms
Spinach (I must have used 2 cups – it shrinks down)
Shredded Pepper Jack Cheese

8 Eggs
Red pepper flakes

TJs Chile & Onion Tortillas

Follow these easy steps:
Mix eggs, a splash of milk (or not, up to you), red pepper flakes, and pepper in the bowl.
Heat skillet with cooking spray (I use this) and pour egg mixture in – scramble until cooked (you know … push the eggs around so they share the heat, don’t just let them sit there)
Remove eggs from heat to cool after cooking is complete (I put them on a plate to cool)

Next: Chop all veggies and fake ssg (if you are using real meat cook it first, and add it to the scramble later). Heat a (larger) skillet with cooking spray, add veggies and saute over medium heat.  I cooked the mushrooms, peppers, and sausage first, and added the spinach later (it takes less time to cook).  Drain veggies carefully, and set aside to cool (i scooped them into my egg skillet since it had time to cool off).

Wait around, dance in your kitchen, and clean up your mess while everything cools down.

Everything ready?! Ok, lay out tortillas on tinfoil and add some shredded cheese (as much or as little as you like, or none at all) layer egg, and then your veggie mix.  Fold in the sides, roll the tortilla, and wrap in tinfoil.  Stack them, take pictures, share with friends, and freeze.

When you are ready to consume your new favorite breakfast / snack remove it from the fridge, cover with a damp paper towel, and heat in the microwave for 2-3 min until heated to your desired temperature.  Top with salsa, hot sauce, avocado, etc … and enjoy!

You’re welcome, your mornings just got THAT much easier.