In October we Mason Jar

This one is easy – but everyone always asks: HOW?!

Mason jar salads are one of my FAVORITE things to make.  You can prep them on Sunday or Monday evening, and they will last until Friday – what a deal!

This one is a romaine veggie salad with Turkey.  You can of course put anything that you want into it.

I used:
Trader Joe’s Baby Beets
TJ’s Persian Cucumber
TJ’s Cherry Tomato
TJ’s Shredded Carrot
TJ’s Smoked Turkey
TJ’s Mediterranean Feta Cheese
TJ’s Romaine Lettuce
TJ’s Non Fat Balsamic Vinaigrette 

I Guess you can tell where I shop …

How to Layer:
Heavier items should go on the bottom so if you are using beets (I almost always do) those should go first.  I added the cucumber and the tomato next as they are second heaviest out of the bunch.  I use 5 jars and divide items equally.  I had leftover carrots, cheese, and tomatoes but used the rest of my other items. (Note: feta cheese and tomato go great in morning eggs!)

The dressing I do not add until I am ready to eat my jar.  I put the dressing in the top – shake it up – and pour onto a plate or bowl.  This meal is pretty to look at inside and out of the jar!  For more Jar inspiration check my instagram account @sfxmissy