Chicken with Mushroom, Tomato, and Garlic over Zucchini Noodles

I’m back! Part of my 30 things to do before I am 30 is to post in this at least once a month! This is my July – talk about cutting it close!

My friend, Maria purchased a spiralizer (ok, that is not a real word but whatever) – coolest. thing. ever! So i went over to her house to make dinner – we created the dinner around the use of the spiralizer! This one is healthy, delicious, and simple! Here we go:

You will need:
boneless chicken strips
cherry tomatoes
mushroom medley (pictured below)
three+ large zucchinis
garlic (as desired)
oil (coconut, or olive)

Preheat your oven to 425 (oven temperatures will vary)

Use your spiralizer to prepare your noodles! We used three zucchini, and it made 4 servings for us (we love zucchini) 


(set aside zucchini while we prep the chicken)

We use Trader Joe’s chicken strips, and made 4 packets with them

Separate the chicken out between the 4 pieces of tinfoil
Add a pinch of salt, some pepper, diced garlic, and cherry tomatoes cut in half

chickens before

fold chicken into little packets so they look like this:

wrap chicken 

once preheated, put chicken in the oven for 20 minutes (thanks, Maria) 

maria oven 

Turn on your stove tops! you’ll need 2 burners going at the same time.

Start the Zucchini – cook with a little bit of oil (we used coconut oil) and toss as it cooks:

pile of zuc

cook the mushrooms as outlined on the bag – only takes 3-4 minutes:


once the chicken is done cooking unwrap it from the tinfoil:

chicke done 

layer your noodles, mushrooms, and chicken packet (don’t dump it unless you want the juices – i transferred with a fork) onto a plate or in a bowl, and enjoy!


SO EASY, right?! 

Happy cooking, everyone!


Veggie Pasta with … more veggies!

This one is super simple (might seem like a no brainer), but – I really liked it, so I thought I would add 🙂

This is my first time using (what I think is new) Barilla Veggie infused pasta:

we had the carrot and squash farfalle (bow ties are my fav!)

pasta should be cooked to your linking – i started the water before i started the prep work because I made a large batch. (Note – this can be made with rice pasta, or sans pasta – just use more zucchini (green and yellow) and make the pasta out of that).

veggies to prep:
portobello mushrooms
white onion
zucchini (I used 2)
pepper (I used yellow)
tofurky sausage (this one, again, has been tested and liked by meat eaters)

photo 1(5)

So, again – start the water and then move on to your washed unwrapped veggies and Tofurky (I used 2 of the sausages – could have used more for sure).  when you cut the veggies they should all be about the same size so that they can cook at the same speed:

photo 2(5)

Now, I used one large pan, and one smaller one … but I really wish I had 2 large ones – you’ll see in the photo below that one of them had soooooo many veggies in it they were about to jump ship!  I know that pasta isn’t great for you, so when I make it I try to have equal or more veggies than pasta in the dish (I try …. ).  Anyway – overstuffed pans here with veggies in olive oil:

photo 4

So – when the water boils the pasta goes in the pot – the timer in the picture says 7 min, so I think I could have timed that a tiny bit better, but everything still worked out.  I ended up heating the sauce (Trader Joes tomato garlic pictured above) in the same pan as the onion spinach garlic:

photo 1(4)

Once the pasta is done you can drain and return pack to the large pot that it was cooked in.  When the veggies are done, and the sauce is hot throw everything in the big pot:

photo 2(6)

Serve with grated cheese if you would like 🙂

Enjoy, my friends 🙂

Crock Pot Chili – or something like that

My step siblings (step fathers kids), mother, brother, sister, and I have an ongoing argument about chili.  Half of us say no beans (this half also won a chili cook off in 2012 … so they think they know about all things chili), the other half say beans are ok.  The no beans people are VERY adamant about no beans.  If you are a no beans person stop reading here.

This is a crock pot creation … so it probably shouldn’t be here in this blog for cooking.  I was back and forth for a while on it, and decided that some of my friends that rarely cook (ahem … NYC I’m looking at you) might like to try this one out.

So, for this one all you need is everything pictured below dumped into a crock pot for 8 – 10 hours on low.  Feel free to add any other items you would like (more veggies etc), this is just what I happened to have in my apartment.

Pre crock pot

My friend Chels says she just picks (3) kinds of beans to add.  On my last batch I did black, pinto, and garbanzo.  This round I am trying a white bean.


I wanted to give a close up on this one.  I am a vegetarian – so I don’t use real meat in my chili.  Last round I had meat eaters taste my final creation, and they said they could not tell the difference.  This is my first time using the chorizo style Tofurky in the chili.  I used it for some fajitas a few weeks back and it was delicious (spicy! careful!) so I hope it works out well here.


all in

I also put some cayenne pepper in it – but not too much because i was not sure how spicy the Tofurky would make it.

Now this deliciousness will cook overnight, and in the morning I can dish it out into my tupperware.  This makes chili for DAYS – so make sure you are: in the mood, have someone to share with, or freeze some.

I’ll update tomorrow after the taste test!